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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beer Book Survey

Beer books have been on my mind a lot lately. For one, I've been receiving a lot for review, and the breadth of topics as much as the number make me wonder if we're not seeing a surge in popularity. This interests me on an urgently personal level, too, because I'm in the process of trying to nail down a project or two myself. Which brings us to the following 3-question, 30-second survey below. The people who come to this blog are exactly the target audience for beer books, so I'm interested (keenly interested): do you own or plan to buy books, and which kinds? If you have thirty seconds to spare, I'd most appreciate it.



Alan said...

I kept looking past "seven or more" for the next button. I must have something like 60 or 70.

Jeff Alworth said...

Alan, I was thinking that if you own seven or more, you are in the avid camp. If you own seventy, you are dangerous.

(I own a modest 20 or so--shifty, not dangerous.)

Billy said...

I'm in the 15-20 range. They're really the only non-Kindle books I buy now.

Greg said...

I'm around 10, but I agree with Billy that they're among the only books I'll actually buy new for full price at this point.

khiddy said...

Buying books cuts into my beer money.

Jack R. said...

I'm recent to craft beer; <18 months. The previous two score and nine years [ago] 'I was a beer cameleon' ie, I drank the local brew. Often quality beer.

This morning I purchased Andy Crouch's 'Great American Craft Beer: . . .' online for a self birthday gift; based on your critique. I downloaded a soft copy of John Palmer's 'How To Brew', late June, but, have made little progress.

I am wont to splinter beers into different categories; hence, I am interested in the technical description of a beer.

I would buy a book from any number of beer bloggers . . . I am reminded to purchase a Pete Brown book.

Jeff Alworth said...

Thanks for the bonus comments, folks--they are quite useful, too.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us you are writing a book :)

MarcT. said...

Finally catching up on my RSS feeds and the survey is closed. Dunno what the questions were, but I'm an avid beer book guy - I'm a librarian and homebrewer for starters. Possibly my favorite is Mosher's Tasting Beer, currently enjoying "Wild Brews" by Sparrow, and have a number of homebrew books - Papazian classics and Homebrewer's Bible most notably.

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